Proof of Reserves

Autonomous, reliable and consistent reporting of reserves to the Digital Asset Economy

Using the H&T proof of reserve tooling, we are able to provide proof of reserve attestations to various asset issuers, such as stablecoins, tokenised commodities and real-world assets.

This service provides 3rd party assurance to the digital asset community, allowing stakeholders to be confident that the assets which they have custody over are backed by sufficient reserves.

H&Ts proof of reserve service is powered by Chainlink, which brings end-to-end transparency to your on-chain and off-chain reserves through Chainlink Proof of Reserve.

H&T are proud to spearhead the future of proof of reserves attestations, using novel and ground breaking technology.

The proof of reserve service is available as a standalone service or can be utilised as part of a package of assurance products.

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