Advising businesses in the digital asset space since 2017

H&T works with some of the largest organisations in the digital asset space. We have developed our expertise over the years, enabling us to provide best in class advice and assistance to leading businesses in the space.


H&T can assist with your full back office function, dealing with all aspects of crypto and fiat bookkeeping. We work with you to streamline your back office function.

We utilise external SaaS products tailored to your needs, in combination with our own in house developed technology to ensure high quality financial reporting.

In addition to bookkeeping, we can assist funds in their preparation of monthly NAV’s, ensuring these are prepared to the highest accuracy.

Accountancy and corporate tax

As a traditional accountancy firm, we will handle all aspects of your accountancy and tax requirements. From the preparation of annual financial statements and corporation tax returns, to maintaining monthly payrolls, claiming research and development tax relief and submission of quarterly VAT returns, we will take the burden off your hands.



As statutory auditors, we provide statutory audit services to companies in the space. From our experience in the space, we understand the risks associated and as such can work with the company to deliver the audit in an efficient manner.

We have developed multiple in house technologies to aid with the audit process, ranging from a signature matching tool to prove wallet control/ownership to obtaining token balance confirmations per wallet from on-chain data.

Proof of reserves

By utilising the most advanced technology, built in house, we are able to provide live attestations on asset balances 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.

Our proof of reserve technology is in partnership with Chainlink, the industry standard Web3 services platform which connects data of today with the Web3 world of tomorrow.

More information on how we provide proof of reserves to stables coins, tokenised commodities and real world assets can be found here.

Tax and structuring

We work with businesses around the world to advise on tax efficient structuring. We will assist you in creating a bespoke structure for your business and introduce you to the relevant partners around the world to implement the structure for your business.

Personal tax

We work with founders and individuals to prepare your self assessment tax return, including calculating your accurate crypto earnings. It is crucial to ensure that your crypto earnings are declared accurately on your tax return to ensure you are not overpaying on tax. We can assist you in calculating your crypto income and capital gains, and prepare and file UK self assessment tax returns.

The UK is moving towards stricter reporting on crypto earnings and in the 2023 Spring Budget it was announced that crypto earnings will need to be disclosed separately in self assessment tax returns. In advance of this change, it is crucial to ensure you are declaring your crypto earnings correctly.



We have the ability to assist clients with off-ramping of cryptocurrencies through our client accounts.

Client accounts can be generally opened within 7-10 working days. There is no restriction on location, structure, etc.

Global service

As an independent member of BKR, we work with our member firms around the world to deliver a truly global service. We can assist with tax, accounting, advisory and audit in most territories through our BKR network, a key service when working with decentralised firms who operate across multiple jurisdictions.

Outsourced CFO service

As chartered accountants, we can act as your outsourced CFO, providing direction for your business and finance function. We work closely with the directors to provide them with the relevant financial information, provided in a timely manner to ensure decisions can be made based on the full picture. We can assist all companies, from start-ups to larger established entities.


Through our extensive experience in the space, we have developed many in-house tools to assist with our work. The tools we have created range from a signature matching tool for wallet ownership/control tests, to a royalty audit script to ensure you are receiving the NFT royalties you are due. Our signature matching tool can be accessed through the following link: