A UK leading accountant to the music and entertainment industry

Representing major established artists, younger well-known acts, emerging artists and bands who are just signing their first deals as well as producers and songwriters.

H&T are regularly nominated for a variety of industry awards, including by Music Week as Accounting Firm of the Year 2023.

Business management, tour accounting and tax advice

Our specialist music and entertainment team has a long heritage of supporting artists and bands, helping them manage their business 24/7.

Actors, models, influencers, writers and producers

We focus on making things simple and straightforward to help you achieve both your creative and financial goals.

Supporting major established artists, emerging artists and bands, as well as models, influencers, TV personalities, actors, directors and others across the media and entertainment industry manage their business 24/7

At H&T we have an extensive network of music and entertainment professionals to help you connect with the right people at the right time

Our female led, diverse team live our values of empathy, honesty and integrity and work hard to ensure you maximise your earning potential and minimise your costs and tax.