H&T Charitable Trust

The concept of charity is close to the hearts of all of our partners and staff

H&T operate a charitable trust, H&T Clients Charitable Trust (charity number 1104345) which has two strands.

The first is to pay for specialist cancer treatment for patients which are recommended by a Patients Doctor but not available to the patient on the NHS. To date we have raised in excess of £1.8m and helped numerous patients. Each patient we have funded has also, together with their family and friends, raised funds for the next patient. The majority of our funding has provided immunotherapy treatment.

The second strand arises from the Firm’s decision to add £10 to each of our invoices and upon payment by a Client to match this funding ourselves. We have supported many charities this way often proposed by Clients, members of staff and Partners recommending causes close to their heart. We raise currently in excess of £150,000 per annum in this way.

The H&T Clients Charitable Trust incurs minimal administrative costs, as all the administration is provided by this Firm. Copies of the Charitable Trust accounts are available to download from the Charity Commissioners web site. Should you have a recommendation for a Charity or Charitable cause please do raise this with your H&T Partner.