Unlocking Tokenized Real-World Assets: Chris O’Reilly at SmartCon 2023

In an exciting development for Harris & Trotter Digital Assets, our Lead Finance Engineer, Chris O’Reilly, recently participated in a thought-provoking discussion at SmartCon 2023, hosted by Chainlink on Nasdaq TradeTalks. The focus of this engaging conversation? Driving greater adoption of tokenized real-world assets, a topic at the forefront of the digital asset revolution.

At the heart of the discussion was the exploration of strategies to push the boundaries of tokenization and its potential impact on the financial landscape. Chris O’Reilly joined Jill Malandrino, and together, they dove deep into the dynamics, challenges, and opportunities surrounding tokenized real-world assets.

If you missed the conversation or want to revisit the insights shared during SmartCon 2023, you can watch the entire discussion here or see Nasdaq’s coverage here.