Staff benefits package

This package provides a summary of the Employee Benefits available at H&T. The availability of these benefits depends on your employment status. For further details, please revert to the H&T office manual saved on the intranet or contact any of the partners.

Your money


After completing your probationary period (normally 3 months from the commencement of your employment) you are automatically enrolled in a workplace pension scheme.

The basic contribution rate, on the total salary not just qualifying earnings, is detailed below:

  • 5% Personal contribution
  • 3% H&T contribution

can increase your personal contribution by setting up a salary sacrifice for payments.

Life Assurance / Death in Service

Following 3 years of employment, or if you are a manager or qualified accountant (tax or accounting body), you can be enrolled onto the DIS scheme. The benefit is paid to the value of 4 x your salary, subject to an age limit of 65.

Season Tickets

We offer a season ticket loan which is repayable via your salary in 10 monthly instalments.


  • You can apply for a season ticket loan whenever  suits you.
  • You must have completed 3 months service.


Although we believe in a healthy work life balance, there may be occasions where you will be required to work additional hours. In some circumstances, you can take paid overtime and/or time off in lieu for the work you undertake beyond your contracted hours.


  • All overtime must be agreed in advance with the relevant manager or partner.
  • Managers are not generally eligible for overtime.

members working past 7.30pm will be entitled to expense the cost of their dinner and, if working past 8.30pm, we will reimburse the cost of a taxi home.

Cycle & EV to Work Scheme

Our cycle to work scheme uses a governmentbacked salary sacrifice arrangement to potentially save you hundreds of pounds when you buy a bike and accessories.

Employees with 5 years or more service can also join our Electric vehicle to work scheme provided by Loveelectric. The scheme is operated via salary sacrifice, saving you money.

Recruitment Fees

We are always on the lookout for highcalibre additions to our team and offer a referral bonus to anyone who introduces a qualified professional member of staff (Tax or accounting body) who is hired by H&T.

We will pay £5,000 regardless of the role, payable after 12 months of the new employee’s employment. The bonus is applicable only to introductions of qualified staff members.

Client Referrals

The objective of the “Client Introduction” payments are to offer a reward for introducing a new client to H&T. We will pay 10% of fees invoiced, which will be paid in the month of receipt.

Enhanced Maternity/Adoption and Paternity

We offer enhanced policies to our long‐standing employees so you can enjoy this special time as follows:

  • All female employees with over 5 years of  service are entitled to 3 months’ leave on full pay and the statutory thereafter.
  • All male employees with over 5 years of service are entitled to 2 weeks’ paternity leave on full pay.

Bonus Scheme

We offer a bonus to all members of staff. The annual Bonus pool is directly linked to the firm’s profitability and performance for that year.

The bonus you receive will depend on your role, qualifications, and individual performance in each given year.

Annual appraisals take place in November and bonuses are calculated and paid with December salaries.

Your wellbeing

Private Medical Cover

We invite you to join our Private Medical Cover, which is currently provided by Vitality and comes with lots of perks.
Qualified staff are also able to add additional family members to the scheme.

All employees with a professional qualification (ACA, ACCA, CTA or equivalent) are eligible to join the private medical scheme when their employment commences.

Employee levels below manager are eligible to join the private medical scheme on the 1 st January that follows the completion of 3 years’ service.

Study Package (where applicable)

We recognise that you are our biggest asset, and we provide you with the opportunity to gain professional qualifications.

Various support packages are available, including full payment of exam and course fees, and time off to study, attend revision courses and sit the exam.


  • To be eligible for a study support package you need to have successfully completed your probationary period.
  • All professional qualification courses need to be agreed by a Partner prior to booking.
  • Depending on the course you may be asked to sign a training agreement prior to the commencement of your study.

Annual Flu Jab

Every year we have a nurse attend the office to administer flu jabs to our team. These are not compulsory and no pressure is placed upon you to have the flu jab.

Health and Wellbeing

We will pay the joining fee to a maximum of £250 to any health or fitness club.

Fresh Fruit

We provide seasonal fresh fruit on a daily basis.


We offer healthy breakfast and snack options including granola, porridge, and yoghurts.

Eye Care

We recognise members of staff spend a lot of time infront of a computer screen. For this reason, the firm offers a bi‐annual sight test at Boots Opticians. 

Your lifestyle

Annual Leave

We recognise the importance of a healthy work life balance. In addition to the 8 public holidays, we offer the following:

  • Managers and qualified seniors commence with 25 days’ holiday.
  • Employees below manager level commence with 22 days’ holiday.

reward long service as follows:

  • The January after you have completed a full year, your holiday entitlement will increase by 1 day per year, up to a maximum of 30 days.

you work part time hours, your holiday entitlement is calculated from the full time equivalent.

All members of staff can take 2 days’ paid leave in order to comply with the custom and practice of their religion, where
this does not allow work on religious occasions.

For those members of staff who do not follow a religion, one extra day beyond their normal holiday entitlement may be
taken at any time of the year.

Social/Sporting Events

We recognise the importance of building relationships with your colleagues amongst the wider team.

We have a social committee which is made up of a selection of employees across the practice. They are responsible for organising various social events throughout the year, which include:

  • Monthly lunches
  • Quarterly Socials
  • Christmas Party
  • Fortnightly group fitness activities
  • Adhoc social events throughout the year
  • Annual team building activity
  • New joiner social activities

Flexible Hours

Our office is open from 8.30am 6.30pm

During the core office hours 10am 5pm (on Friday’s 4.30pm) all members of staff must be working. Outside of these
hours, employees can complete their contracted daily hours.

During the Summer months (July August) members of staff working in the office are entitled to leave work at 2pm
on a Friday to enjoy the summertime sunshine. All staff members will be required to make up the time during the

You will also be able to:

  • Change your working hours so that you do not have to travel during busy periods.
  • Depending on your role you may be entitled to work from home for a percentage of your contracted hours.
  • Work from home on an adhoc basis for specific projects.

note that:

  • Working from home must be agreed in advance.
  • Due to client or internal commitments, it may be necessary to ask you to come into the office.
  • If you are working from home on a regular basis you may need to change those days as required.

Dress For Your Diary

We have a relaxed dress code and have introduced a “Dress for your Diary” approach.

You will not need to wear a suit/smart office wear unless you are meeting a client or are at client office where they would expect to see you in such attire.

Relaxed clothing for the office is not the same as what you might wear to relax in at home, so we ask that you take pride
in your appearance.

Your career

Professional Subscriptions

Your membership with the professional bodies is usually subject to an annual subscription fee. We will cover the cost
of your annual subscription for you.


  • If you leave us part way through the year, you may beasked to repay your subscription payment pro rata.

Development Training

We are committed to ensuring our team has access to training and development.

  • You will also have access to a wealth of training courses for both technical and soft skills.
  • We hold regular internal training courses held by managers and partners across the firm.
  • Training courses can be oneoff to address a particular training need or may be part of an ongoing development plan.